Presentation of Offers

Presentation of Offers & Negotiating the Sale

What Happens when an offer is generated on your home?

My Responsibilities to You When Presenting Offers:

  • I will present the offer to your personally
  • I will have the cooperating Broker share Buyer qualifications
  • Together we will review every item in the contract so that you thoroughly understand what the buyers are offering and what they are asking for
  • Discuss all offers with you in private, after listening to the other agent
  • Provide you with current market and finance activity
  • Provide you with other sales to date
  • Discuss competition in your market
  • Provide you with Broker feedback and comments
When Purchase Contracts are Negotiated, I Will Keep You Informed:

  • Establish and explain guidelines prior to presentation
  • Present all offers to you as quickly as possible
  • Review the contract with you
  • Keep you up-to-date on current market activity, which may affect the strength of the offer
  • Ensure that all parties in all transactions are treated fairly and with honest consideration
  • Make certain there is compliance with disclosure laws and ordinances